Art of Healing – Die Kunst des Heilens

Wie finde ich mein Glück? Wo finde ich mein Heil? Wie werde ich gesund? Wie kann ich stressfrei leben? Wieso ist meine Liebe unglücklich? Wie werde ich erfolgreich? — Stellen Sie sich nicht auch gelegentlich diese Fragen?

Everything is possible! Happiness, love, success, prosperity, health – anything you can achieve when you’re ready to let go of the old in your life!

About Us

Since 1987, she has been working in her own practice, conducting individual sessions. Since 1992, she holds seminars and healing meditations, workshops, is represented at fairs around the world, communicates her knowledge about the “Ephesus Healing” and educates therapists and doctors as well as people who feel called to do so. Since 1994, she has been developing numerous energy products (energy foils, music, essences, oils, teas, etc.). Since 2002, she has been designing and developing colorful energy images, each based on a theme, that can be applied in different forms by anyone.
Since then, a collection of 1400 pictures has been created. This is a new form of therapy, where you can transform the respective topic by viewing the image.

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